When Ian Fell In The Machine

Lured in to a deadly trap with the promise of free sausages, how long can Ian survive before....

Being a head has never been so much fun!

Lured by the promise of a free sausage, Ian has found himself falling into the depths of the machine.

Tilt your phone to guide Ian through the devious traps and past devilish spikes.  How far can you go before…. the inevitable end?


One head, one goal, do not die.  Check out the game trailer.


  • Three levels of difficulty. Each with its own tricks and surprises. Can you unlock them all?
  • Upgrade Ian with new clothing and equipment to help you get further.
  • Achievements and leader boards with Game Centre and Google Game Play.
  • Heads, spikes and sausages! All in one game.

“I don’t know what makes this game great…is it because the main character is just a face, or the sound of him smacking his face on steel beams, or the bloody deaths, or how it’s ridiculously pointless it is…yet it’s totally enjoyable!” 

Know Thy App

“When Ian Fell in the Machine has the right balance of challenge and charm to keep you falling time and time again.”

John Bardinelli / JayIsGames

“Yet another gem from great indie developers Bumpkin Brothers”

James Maxwell / SuperGameDroid

“Aside from anything else, it’s nice to spend some time in someone else’s bizarre vision.”

Drew Pontikis / Zero1 Gaming/

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