Block-A-Drop: Christmas Rush!

By The Bumpkin Brothers

Block-A-Drop (not final version) Block-A-Drop is a fresh new puzzle game concept by the Bumpkin Brothers, developed primarily for the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. it features a new take on a classic puzzle game style, challenging the player to match block types as they fall from a chute by moving the stacks of blocks on a conveyer belt.

Although a simple enough task to start with things soon get crazy! With shorter conveyer belts, more block types, quicker drops and blocks that explode will make things more difficult.

Block-A-Drop features a challenge mode with 50 levels and an arcade mode with two difficulty settings where a single game gets more crazy by the second! This equals hours of mind bending fun!

And since it's Christmas Block-A-Drop is completely festivly themed, right down to the sound effects and music.

Block-A-Drop is available NOW from the appStore costing only 0.59!
Click here to give it a go!